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The Barbee House is one of the oldest structures at the north end of Bridgewater. ​Named after Civil War Colonial Gabriel Barbee, the house is "L" shaped, enhanced by a double porch across the front and is supported by four pillars. Built between 1818 and 1838, the house was a popular spot and it is reported that Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson stayed there. After the Civil War, the house served as a girls private boarding school run by Barbee's daughter. Today you can still see the room numbers on the inn doors on the second floor. The present owners, Patti and Tim Landes have left the exterior much like it was in the 1800s. In addition, many historical items have been recovered and are displayed by the current owners. Original outbuildings include a chicken house, barn, and smokehouse. Purchased in late 2015, the house is now a restaurant after more than a century of residential use.

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